but first, coffee

Artisan coffee

Fresh, fruity, nutty, chocolatey, smoky or complex... Here at the Bottle Kiln we love great coffee with its gorgeous aroma and wonderful taste.

It's the subtle differences in flavour, body and acidity that make each coffee unique. We use only the freshest, quality, craft-roasted beans, and have some of the most talented baristas in the country. And we're always on the lookout for the latest brewing techniques in order to get the best extraction and provide you with a fabulous coffee experience.

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Brewed coffee

In addition to our espresso menu, we serve a variety of single origin and specially blended artisan coffees. These coffees change with the seasons as each ‘lot’ of these gourmet beans is carefully selected for their superior flavour and distinct profile, with each variety boasting its own special character and rich story.

We hope you join us in our enthusiasm. Ask us what's brewing. Try some of our seasonal artisan coffees from around the world and let us know what you think!

Choose your method

Single Cup Filter – A wonderful way of brewing, it's the preferred extraction method of top baristas and coffee enthusiasts!  We strongly recommend you try our new single cup filter system, which ensures a quick extraction, clean, sediment free taste, and gets the very best flavours from the coffee. A great way to enjoy our artisan specials!

Cafetière – A traditional coffee press, wait for up to four minutes before gently depressing the plunger, then another thirty seconds to allow the sediment to settle before pouring.


Bean on a journey

Coffee cherries go though a very long and complex process, steeped in tradition, and demanding the utmost care on every step of their journey, to finally be the most delicious beverage, to lift our spirits and hopefully make us smile.



The climate and weather, as well as the variety of coffee tree, go a long way in determining the final profile of the cup. A tropical climate and high altitudes produce the best arabica beans.  They prefer some shade, shelter from wind, rich soil, and plenty of water. Taste can vary widely even within small regions, so traceability to individual plantations and farms is important.


A proper roasting is essential.  We work with craft roaster, Peter, of James' Gourmet Coffee, who visits some of the planet's finest growers on his quest to find beans with wow factor. Basing his purchases on taste alone ensures farmers are well rewarded for the fantastic work they do, and is a positive step for global trade and sustainability, (Peter pays considerably more than any fair trade premium.) The green beans are then skilfully roasted in Herefordshire using Europe’s first eco-roaster—the Loring Smart Roast.


At the Bottle Kiln we grind our coffee on demand for each cup required as freshly ground beans produce the very best flavour. We have a fabulous Mahlkonig grinder and sell freshly ground coffee by the bag so you can enjoy our quality gourmet coffees at home too!


Brewing coffee is an art as well as a science, and our objective as Barista is always to reveal the full potential of the beans. Our espresso blend is carefully selected for a full, robust flavour, highly suitable as a base for milky lattes. For our seasonal artisan coffees we are finding the ‘single cup filter’ system a wonderful method for extracting a clean, full taste.

Savour each sip and enjoy!


Join the club...

Have you got your Bottle Kiln coffee loyalty card? If not, pick one up from the café counter and start collecting for your free coffee! Each time you purchase a coffee be sure to get your card stamped. Collect nine stamps and your tenth coffee will be on us!