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Our drinks

Here at the Bottle Kiln we're renowned for our wonderful artisan coffees and are just as meticulous in our choice of other drinks.

We offer a range of loose teas, naturally delicious cold drinks as well as some carefully selected wines that match perfectly to our food.


Espresso coffee

We use a very special, craft-roasted, seasonally selected blend of beans. Help us make your perfect drink: single shot, double shot, decaffeinated, hotter, flavoured?




Small: 2.40
Regular: 2.85


Small: 2.40
Regular: 2.85

Flavoured latte


Flat white





Brewed coffee

See our new season specials selected for their amazing quality and distinctive flavours. Single origin coffees from small farms or estates. Served black or with a jug of fresh milk or cream.

Single cup filter

Ensures a quick extraction and a clean, sediment-free taste, and gets the very best flavours from the coffee. 2.85


Let the coffee brew for up to four minutes before gently depressing the plunger. 2.85


Spiced chai latte

An aromatic blend of tea, milk and spices. Made with foamed milk for an extra luxurious, heavenly texture. 2.85


White wine

Sauvignon Blanc
CJ Pask, Hawkes Bay,
New Zealand

Aromatic and refreshing. Packed with gooseberry fruit and herbaceous character. Great solo or partnered with a platter.

125ml glass. 3.65
175ml glass. 4.95

Pinot Gris
Villa Wolf, Pfalz, Germany

Fresh, lovely lemon aroma, honeyed stone fruit on the palate with a satisfying, crisp finish. Comes to life with our quiche and salad.

125ml glass. 3.65
175ml glass. 4.95


Red wine

Racine, Bruno Lafon, Languedoc, France

Light to medium bodied. Red and dark berries with subtle vanilla and spice. Partners well with a meaty quiche and salad.

125ml glass. 3.65
175ml glass. 4.95


Hot chocolate


Made with rich and delicious fairtrade continental hot chocolate and creamy milk. 2.85


Our fairtrade hot chocolate with foamed milk, a swirl of cream, marshmallows and a flaky bar. 2.50


Our classic hot chocolate with a luxurious swirl of cream, marshmallows and flakes of dark chocolate. 3.35


Herbal infusions

Packed with flavourful spices, fruits, flowers and leaves, these delightful infusions from ‘Love Leaf Tea’ taste amazing and are naturally caffeine free. 2.45

Perky Peppermint

Pure peppermint for a very refreshing and minty taste. Great for calming sore tummies and soothing the digestive system. It’s also an ideal after dinner, palate-cleansing treat.

Feel Well

Just a few sips and a feeling of warmth comes over you and things just seem a little better. A blend of aniseed, chamomile blossoms and sage blossoms makes for a truly delicious tea with the amazing ability to make you feel good.

Cranberry Apple Bazaar

Full-flavoured with a rich, fruity character and fabulous deep red colour. Made with dried apple pieces, hibiscus and rose hip and natural yummy flavours.

Ginger Fresh

(Ayurveda Blend). A very refreshing, zingy tea with lemongrass and lemon peel for zesty freshness, blended with liquorice root, peppermint, black pepper and ginger pieces for a spicy finish.

Pineapple & Coconut Delight

Yum! A wonderful explosive combination of pineapple, tropical fruits and coconut. Made with apple, hibiscus, rose hip, coconut and pineapple. Perfect with salad and fruity dishes.

Stinging Mint

Rose and mallow petals harmonise perfectly with the lovely combination of peppermint and lemongrass. The nettle leaves in this infusion make it great for cleansing the system, while liquorice root and orange peel lend a lovely sweetness.

Goji Berry

(Feng Shui Tea). A wellness tea to achieve harmony and balance. Made with apple pieces, goji berry, dragon fruit, lemongrass, blackberry, apple and eucalyptus leaves, orange peel, carrot flakes, cornflowers and marigolds.


A lovely pot of tea

Our speciality loose-leaf teas are carefully selected for your enjoyment and served with a biscuit on the side for nibbling or dunking. 2.45

English house blend

A full-bodied and aromatic blend of Assam and Kenyan teas. The small-leaf (pekoe fannings) loose tea produces a bright, coppery coloured liquor resulting in a hearty cuppa. Best drunk with milk as an ‘all-day’ tea.

Italian Rose

A garden party staple since the days of Queen Victoria. Delicate, sweet-scented rose tea is recognised for its relaxing effect on the mind and soul. Blended with petals, blackberry leaves and rose hips. Drink with or without milk.

Green Tea

Japanese Sencha. A super-healthy infusion packed full of antioxidants. The leaves of the camellia sinensis bush are plucked and then dried without fermenting, maintaining the leaves' natural colour.

Earl Grey

A blend of large-leaf China teas flavoured with oil of bergamot, a small fragrant citrus fruit. A light-coloured infusion with a delicate scent and distinctive flavour. Enjoy with milk or lemon as a lovely accompaniment to cakes and creamy desserts.


Refreshing and full of flavour, just the thing for when only a ‘normal’ cuppa will do but without the caffeine!


Cold drinks


Blended with a scoop of speciality ice cream: chocolate; strawberry; banana. 2.95

Belvoir Pressés

A blend of flowers, fruit juices and spices with lightly sparkling spring water: elderflower; raspberry lemonade; organic ginger beer. 2.55

Harrogate Spring Water

Still or sparkling. 2.25

Posh Pop ®

Award winning sparkling soft drinks from Breckland Orchard: cream soda with a splash of rhubarb; dandelion and burdock; plum and cherry; cloudy lemonade. 2.55

Frobishers Juice

Pure natural fruit juice: orange; apple; mango. 2.55